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Young Person in Care Tears up Competition

19 Mar 2019

Lizzie*, a young person in our care, was recently selected to compete in the YMCA Australian Skateboarding League National Finals held in Melbourne on 8 and 9 March. This was Lizzie’s first invitation to compete on a National level, so she was extremely excited to hear the news. Lizzie is a highly skilled skateboarder who has received multiple medals for her efforts in local competitions. Lizzie, accompanied by her residential care worker, travelled down to Melbourne last weekend for the competition, where she placed in the top 10. 

Mercy Community (MC) is incredibly proud of Lizzie for her efforts last week, and the whole team looks forward to seeing her thrive and succeed in her future skateboarding competitions. Lizzie’s team was thrilled to be able to support her throughout the process of the National Finals, as MC’s main purpose is to support the young people in our care to live out the life of their dreams.


*Name and image has been changed to protect the identity of the young perso